A Miscellany

This section of the website is, in a sense, misnamed; for all of what is presented on the site is very much a diverse memorabilia of Cy Walter’s musical life.  However, what we have tried to include here is an “hodgepodge” collection of different, yet none the less fascinating, elements of Cy’s musical life’s artifacts.  Here you will find Cy’s ASCAP‑certificates; historical documents relating to the Algonquin and Drake Hotels; brochures of the Liberty Music Shop’s offerings; a contract between Cy and the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado; and other miscellaneous items of interest.

ASCAP Membership

The Algonquin Hotel In 1940, Shortly After Cy Opened Its Supper Club (Later Known And Beloved As “The Oak Room”)

The Drake Hotel — 1965 Picture Postcard

Liberty Music Shop — Store And Recording Label Brochures

Al Hirschfeld Portrait Of Cy With Florence Greaves Walter’s Notations

1952 Florida Banquet Photo of Cy And Others, With Florence Greaves Walter’s Notations

Margaret Whiting Note To Cy On Their Musical Collaboration — Undated

Antlers Hotel June 1954 Performance Contract Colorado Springs, Colorado

Cy Walter At Peacock Alley Draft LP Album Cover

Cy’s Handwritten Nightly Lists Of Drake Room Patrons

Cy’s Cover Missive To George M. Wines