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Cy’s earliest recordings were on the Liberty Music Shop label, and included individual 78rpm discs that are not part of the Liberty Music Shop album pictured below. The December, 1941 78rpm album, which preceded the 1950 10-inch LP, incorporated the following 78rpm discs of Cy’s solo playing: LMS-302, LMS-335, and LMS-336. The 10-inch LP included the music on these three 78rpm discs, and added music from a fourth, LMS-321. Released as individual solo 78rpm discs, but not included in either of the above, were the following LMS records: LMS-240; LMS-286; LMS-289; LMS-293; LMS-308 and LMS-363. Finally, as part of the 1942 Porgy And Bess LMS album that Cy did with Mabel Mercer, LMS-360, LMS-361, and LMS-362 also included three sides of Cy’s solo playing.