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Cy’s earliest recordings were on the Liberty Music Shop label, and included individual 78rpm discs on which he accompanied a number of singers.  Indeed, Cy’s talented presence made him a sort of de facto music director for the record label.  From 1938-1942, besides the Porgy And Bess LMS album (on which he accompanied Mabel Mercer on three of the six sides), the Songs By Greta Keller album, and the Jean Cavall album, all pictured below, Cy accompanied the following vocal artists on the following individual discs in performing the songs indicated:

Audrey Christie  LMS 235 (At The Roxy Music Hall;  How To Win Friends And Influence People) (with Gil Bowers on duo pianos)

Wynn Murray  LMS-236 (A Twinkle In Your Eye; Did You Ever Get Stung?) (with Gil Bowers on duo pianos)

Eve Symington  LMS-237 (My Romance; Spring Is Here)

Vincent Curran  LMS-246 (You Have Cast Your Shadow On The Sea; Far Away)

Radio City Four  LMS-248 (There’s Nowhere To Go But Up; How Can You Tell An American?)

Milli Monti  LMS-254 (Nostalgico; If You Leave Paris)

Greta Keller  LMS-262 (Danger In The Dark; Once Upon A Dream)

Elsie Houston  LMS-263 (Mon Ami; The Cherry Tree)

Greta Keller  LMS-277 (Am Meer (By The Sea); Der Neugiriege (The Question))

Greta Keller  LMS-278 (Ständchen (Serenade); Die Krahe (The Crow))

Adelaide Moffett  LMS-287 (All The Things You Are; In The Heart Of The Dark)

Adelaide Moffett  LMS-288 (It Was Written In The Stars; Do I Love You?)