Alex Hassan

alexh2Alex Hassan, a tremendously-talented Northern Virginia pianist whose forte includes novelty piano of the 20s and 30s, had a central role in the creation and release of the Shellwood “Cy Walter:  The Park Avenue Tatum” CD.  At the time of the CD’s release, Alex shared his thoughts on Cy’s artistry and on the CD with others in an e-mail forwarded to the “78-L” internet forum.
Read his letter here

A Word from Peter Mintun about the Cy Walter Website

Dear Mark,.
Even though I am thoroughly biased, the [Cy Walter] web site is the most detailed and spectacular biographical site I have ever seen.  I devoured each available page and it was as if I had the exclusive privilege of going through the personal effects of this great musician.  It is apparent you have devoted nearly every waking moment to the preservation of your father’s music.  I hope others will appreciate it as much as I.  Perhaps the Minnesota Historical Society should be linked to this site. …  [T]hanks for the preview.  This is monumental!
Peter Mintun
New York, New York
30 March 2006